• FLC Overview Video – Fall 2022

    Fibrolamellar carcinoma is what #TheLegendary Toby died from.

  • Synchronicity


    Since Toby died, I’ve observed unexplainable things. I’ve come to learn that grieving parents often refer to such events as synchronicities

  • The end of one journey, the start of another

    The end of one journey, the start of another

    “Different Spokes” is where I was hoping to take The Bikeport before life pulled me in a different direction.

  • 2022: Resolution

    For the last few years, I’ve held the notion that if you don’t agree to set any New Years Resolution, you’ll never be disappointed with yourself. But if I’m totally honest, I kind of am disappointed with myself. Not that I could have done anything differently in 2021. I’m still adjusting as best as I […]

  • 7 Years Later

    7 Years Later

    On August 29, 2021, I did my first of what will likely be many more fundraisers to raise money for cancer research: The Ride to Conquer Cancer.