• Twitter Updates for 2009-09-26

    Happy talk like a pirate day, on this, the 19th of SeptembAAARRRRR… # Public service announcement RE: Pancakes # A song for talk like a pirate day. # #lastfm #love 1 Indie Nation Episode 35 Virginia is for Lovers by Rachael Depp # watching American Psycho, the one with Christian Bale, for […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-11

    watched Defiance last night. Awesome flick. # RT @jameshollis: @keisawilliams: @jenniferchapman Awesome video on how "NOT" to do a powerpoint presentation # RT @semlady: @amcmoore: @elliottng: @ev "on July 8 comes the moment called 12:34:56 7/8/9. Happens only once over the course of history. # RT @yling: So sad to hear about Martin Streek's […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-04

    RT @DesignerDepot: Zag Font – Free Download – Ideal for Logo & Graphic Design: # #lastfm #love Thriller by Michael Jackson # Yard looks good, but my back HURTS!! # to bed too late = sleep in = no church. 🙁 # nuts. My internet is out! # disappointed with rogers. No internet […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-06-20

    I just wounded @albieieio in an assassination attempt. #spymaster # I just captured a terrorist financier. #spymaster # Today, the car gets a coolant change. # Thank you Onyx, my computer rocks again. # I just reached level 7. #spymaster # Just bought a UMP45 Submachine Gun. #spymaster # Just secured […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-05-23

    Good night! # Hey ya! ♫ # #lastfm #love Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs # Enjoying this awesome holiday monday. # RT @rccgd: Balsamiq Mockups – Create software mockups in minutes # 3YO stole an ice cream bar. Kept 5YO quiet by giving her one too. Cheeky! # Bought his tickets for […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-05-09

    Busy day. Got my virtualization setup running, got myself a haircut, almost ready to launch my new blog theme. Exciting! # is looking forward to HIS turn to see the Wolverine movie. # We’ve got a 5 year old that wants to rock out. 🙂 ♫ # is at work early because Emily needed […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14

    is watching Mr. T trying to sell a FlavorWave Turbo. # #lastfm #love Man in the Box by Alice in Chains # has set the clocks ahead an hour and now feels a bit displaced. #daylightsavingstimewilleventuallydestroyus # has his papers organized for his income taxes. Do I know how to rock a Saturday night […]

  • Found: Logo Design Trends 2009 – Showcase | 1stwebdesigner – Love In Design

    Here are some interesting logo design trends for 2009, so far. Logo Design Trends 2009 – Showcase | 1stwebdesigner – Love In Design.

  • Checking Out URLs with Virgin Canada

    This post is pertanant only to people with mobile phones on the Virgin Canada mobile service. I learned something interesting when I tried to send myself a link to check out with my phone—It won’t work. Well, not without a little playing around with anyways. It turns out that all successful URLs served on my […]

  • Web Safe Fonts

    Periodically, I like to revise my list of web safe fonts. I know that these lists exist all over the internet, but I like to keep my own records to reflect my own expectations. These results check against operating system font installations for Mac OS X 10.3+ and Windows XP. The web safe fonts are: […]