Twitter Updates for 2009-09-26

  • Happy talk like a pirate day, on this, the 19th of SeptembAAARRRRR… #
  • Public service announcement RE: Pancakes #
  • A song for talk like a pirate day. #
  • #lastfm #love 1 Indie Nation Episode 35 Virginia is for Lovers by Rachael Depp #
  • watching American Psycho, the one with Christian Bale, for the FIRST TIME. Sorry, I'm a little slow… #
  • RT @michaelbanovsky: When @jamesonriley wrote this: he was talking about shit like this: #
  • Makes perfect sense. RT @boagworld: Feeling ill again! Strange, I felt better over the weekend. I can only conclude I am allergic to work. #
  • RT @semlady: Yikes… LG 150 phone fails radiation test, stays on Canadian market for almost a year #
  • RT @alizasherman: @GrammarGirl: Please, please weigh in on this poll about semicolons before I lose my mind: #
  • Gooooooooood morning! #
  • listening to an excellent podcast from @boagworld RE: HTML5 #
  • ARG! I didn't know Heroes season 4 started! Global TV advertising #FAIL #
  • listening to 8-bit chiptune game music. AWESOME. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-07-11

  • watched Defiance last night. Awesome flick. #
  • RT @jameshollis: @keisawilliams: @jenniferchapman Awesome video on how "NOT" to do a powerpoint presentation #
  • RT @semlady: @amcmoore: @elliottng: @ev "on July 8 comes the moment called 12:34:56 7/8/9. Happens only once over the course of history. #
  • RT @yling: So sad to hear about Martin Streek's passing. Toronto radio won't be the same without him. RIP. #
  • RT @AfghanistanDocu: Bombs will kill women in Afghanistan: #
  • RT @chrismackintosh: Oh, turn this up and watch it full screen. Damn. Factor Films presents THEY CAME FROM… #
  • can't get an oil filter for my Calibre from Canadian Tire? #
  • Being Mr. Mom is going fine. #mrmom #
  • – Motherly instinct is now in effect. #
  • United Breaks Guitars #
  • RT @jasonfried: Let's just call plans what they are: Guesses. #
  • 9MO went down for a nap. Time to get some work done! #
  • Sirens of Song radio on is really good! #
  • Oops… I meant … #FAIL #
  • wish they had a nap room for parents at the early years center. #
  • RT @smashingmag: Why do we have to put up with this? – #ie #standards #
  • washing the car with the kids tonight. #
  • Ha! RT @MissHKS: You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest. #
  • #lastfm #love Body Of Years by Mother Mother #
  • Scanning scanning scanning… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-07-04

  • RT @DesignerDepot: Zag Font – Free Download – Ideal for Logo & Graphic Design: #
  • #lastfm #love Thriller by Michael Jackson #
  • Yard looks good, but my back HURTS!! #
  • to bed too late = sleep in = no church. 🙁 #
  • nuts. My internet is out! #
  • disappointed with rogers. No internet fix until tuesday! Txt me until then. #
  • Internet miraculously came back up! Don't trust it… #
  • Bottle Opening Fail #
  • being Mr. Mom is pretty good so far! #
  • recuperating from a rough night. #
  • Happy Canada Day! #
  • Pinch, punch, first day of the month! ( #
  • praying for a better tonight than last night. #
  • okay… kids are sleeping, I think I'll do the same. G'night! #
  • Got some sleep. It was awesome. #
  • riding the LINK train at pearson airport. Cheap entertainment! #
  • 10 o'clock, and all the kids are in bed. BOOYA. #
  • Whoa… RT @aplusk: this is the coolest mf ever. How do come this close to getting hit and be that chill #
  • is going to grow a beard, because I can. #
  • #followfriday @michaelbanovsky @pixelflex @Markzware #

Twitter Updates for 2009-06-20

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Good night! #
  • Hey ya! ♫ #
  • #lastfm #love Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs #
  • Enjoying this awesome holiday monday. #
  • RT @rccgd: Balsamiq Mockups – Create software mockups in minutes #
  • 3YO stole an ice cream bar. Kept 5YO quiet by giving her one too. Cheeky! #
  • Bought his tickets for Terminator Salvation! #
  • RT @cp24news: Gas price in GTA expected to jump 3.4 cents overnight tonight. #
  • RT @cp24news: …tune in at 7:30 a.m. for the latest LIVE from Woodstock about the arrests in the abduction of Victoria Stafford, 8. #
  • Toronto Hydro–Electric customers might find this interesting: #
  • Does saying “you’re wrong #
  • Does saying “you’re wrong” sound too full of pride? #
  • bother. Head is killing me! #
  • watching battlestar season 4 #
  • Happy Friday! #
  • hanging out in milton. Welcome back john and wendy! #
  • going to see Terminator Salvation today! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Busy day. Got my virtualization setup running, got myself a haircut, almost ready to launch my new blog theme. Exciting! #
  • is looking forward to HIS turn to see the Wolverine movie. #
  • We’ve got a 5 year old that wants to rock out. 🙂 ♫ #
  • is at work early because Emily needed the car. #
  • Place your bets: Think the leak in the trunk of my Echo is fixed yet? #
  • RT @boagworld: ‘May the Fourth’ be with you. Happy Star Wars Day! #starwarsday #
  • is scanning pictures of when the Echo was wrecked in February. #
  • Monday’s just aren’t the same with Heroes. Come back soon Sylar! #
  • Enjoy your 5th mayo everyone. Try to at least have a burger with that. #
  • Wow. My phone just went nuts with Twitter messages! #
  • There’s only one way to get anything done. ♫ #
  • A catchy way to start the day. ♫ #
  • loves how the ideas start to flow when I get into a solid design project. #
  • got the echo back! #
  • bought a Dodge Calibre tonight! #carchat #
  • G’night everyone! #
  • RT @michaelbanovsky: Goldeneye is the best Bond movie. It also spawned the best video game. #
  • finds it funny to exaggerate “rrr” on Dodge Caliberrrrrrrrr… rrr… #
  • I have no idea why, but I found myself thinking about Team America: World Police this morning. *LOL* ♫ #
  • Happy Friday everyone! #
  • on days like today, I love being a graphic designer! Lots of cool stuff being done. #
  • Ooo… *shivers* I think the office A/C just kicked in. #
  • A song for when you’ve run out of coffee? ♫ #
  • Have a great weekend everyone! #
  • has drank lots, and hates monopoly. #
  • has been given water for that last tweet. Fail? #
  • i think crazy 8s would have been easier to play… #
  • Brutal! RT @semlady: NYT website erases reporters’ career with them – unprofessional behaviour IMHO @mattcutts #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14

  • is watching Mr. T trying to sell a FlavorWave Turbo. #
  • #lastfm #love Man in the Box by Alice in Chains #
  • has set the clocks ahead an hour and now feels a bit displaced. #daylightsavingstimewilleventuallydestroyus #
  • has his papers organized for his income taxes. Do I know how to rock a Saturday night or what? Yeah… #
  • #lastfm #love Walk This Land by E-Z Rollers #
  • …oh goody, health expenses. My goodness that’s a lot of paper… #taxes2008 #
  • 12seconds – Why I’m not going to see Watchmen anytime soon… #
  • :: Time for bed, good night! #
  • RT @thehypercube It would be amazing if we could hit 300 followers by Monday… any ideas? #
  • 12seconds – wishing Sebastian a happy birthday! #
  • :: oops, it’s already 12! Or is it? #DST #
  • is going to finish his coffee, and then it’s off to the Home Depot! The toilet is acting up… #
  • 12seconds – is hard at work… #
  • finished filing his taxes. Now the wait for the refund… #taxes2008 #
  • got word that the Echo is ready for pickup. Woo hoo! #
  • RT @DesignerDepot: 5 Simple Ways to Improve Web Typography:… Pls RT. Thanks! #
  • Got his (echo?) back. – Listen here #
  • (?). – Listen here #
  • is glad to have the Echo back. #
  • …10 minute countdown… #Heroes #
  • is tweetling his thumbs. #
  • is going under the knife tomorrow. Hernia Schmernia! #
  • Canadian photography laws: #
  • #lastfm #love Hundred Mile High City by Ocean Colour Scene #
  • My sister-in-law is sick, so her fiancé brought home McDonalds. Now they can throw up together! #
  • #lastfm #love Where We Are (Feat. Rob Dickinson) by Neverending White Lights #
  • is now located in: near Brampton, Ontario, Canada #
  • has been in bed recovering all day! OUUUUUUCHY! #
  • is going back to bed, not quite recovered yet! #
  • is still in pain. No work today. No no no… #
  • is gonna get himself a T3, and then try going downstairs for a liquid lunch. #
  • had a “quick” walk upstairs using crouches. Slow going. #
  • has had enough excitement for now. Time to lay down. #
  • got out of bed pain-free. Woo hoo! #
  • is really excited that I got out of bed today. Look forward to taking a slow, short walk tomorrow to the park. #

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Found: Logo Design Trends 2009 – Showcase | 1stwebdesigner – Love In Design

Checking Out URLs with Virgin Canada

This post is pertanant only to people with mobile phones on the Virgin Canada mobile service.

I learned something interesting when I tried to send myself a link to check out with my phone—It won’t work. Well, not without a little playing around with anyways.

It turns out that all successful URLs served on my phone are being run through a Vmobile proxy. If you tell your mobile browser to “show URL”, you’ll see something like this:

Shameless self-portrait, with mobile proxy demonstration.
Shameless self-portrait, with mobile proxy demonstration.

(Having uploaded the example image, I realize now that it’s difficult to see the address next to my semi-smirking face.) The full address that allows me to see is

What does that mean?

Any web address that you want to view on your Virgin Canada mobile needs to be prefixed with:

Just make sure you drop the http:// part of the web address you want to check. Happy mobile surfing, Vmobile subscribers!

Web Safe Fonts

Periodically, I like to revise my list of web safe fonts. I know that these lists exist all over the internet, but I like to keep my own records to reflect my own expectations.

These results check against operating system font installations for Mac OS X 10.3+ and Windows XP.

The web safe fonts are:

  1. Arial
  2. Arial Black
  3. Comic Sans MS
  4. Courier New
  5. Georgia
  6. Symbol (Interestingly, this is the only font result that isn’t also one of Microsoft’s Core fonts for the Web
  7. Times New Roman
  8. Trebuchet MS
  9. Webdings