This post is pertanant only to people with mobile phones on the Virgin Canada mobile service.

I learned something interesting when I tried to send myself a link to check out with my phone—It won’t work. Well, not without a little playing around with anyways.

It turns out that all successful URLs served on my phone are being run through a Vmobile proxy. If you tell your mobile browser to “show URL”, you’ll see something like this:

Shameless self-portrait, with mobile proxy demonstration.
Shameless self-portrait, with mobile proxy demonstration.

(Having uploaded the example image, I realize now that it’s difficult to see the address next to my semi-smirking face.) The full address that allows me to see is

What does that mean?

Any web address that you want to view on your Virgin Canada mobile needs to be prefixed with:

Just make sure you drop the http:// part of the web address you want to check. Happy mobile surfing, Vmobile subscribers!