There might come a time while you’re riding, unfortunately, when you see or find yourself a victim of bullying or ignorance on the streets. If you witness or are a victim of dangerous, aggressive, or unlawful driving such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, or unsafe passing, you might decide to report the incident to the police.

In the City of Toronto and in Peel Region, both police forces have an online form that you can use to report the incident.

Filing a report  might be appropriate in instances where:

  • No collision has occurred. If the incident resulted in a collision, call the police.
  • The suspect driver is not known to you. If the identity of the driver is known, call the police.
  • The suspect’s licence plate number was obtained. A brief description of the vehicle is also required to confirm the licence plate information. (For specific driving complaint incidents).
  • There is a continuous neighbourhood driving complaint where a specific place, day(s) and time(s) of the issues can be supplied for follow-up action.

A detailed description of the incident should be submitted. Providing as much information as possible will help to make sure that action will be taken against the suspect vehicle owner. If the incident happened outside of Toronto, try filing with their form anyway. Your report may be forwarded to the local Police of the city where the incident occurred.

If you decide to file a report, you can find them at these links:


Peel Region: