A few days ago, this happened:



Not the brightest move, granted. My camera didn’t capture the license plate, so there’s little to report to the police I’m afraid. I want to mention that although the driver’s manoeuvre was reckless, I didn’t feel like I was in immediate danger. I did my part, slowed down and moved over to facilitate a pass as quickly as I could once I was aware of it.

There are a few things about this video I find interesting and wanted to talk more about in detail:

  • Notice that there is a solid line in the middle of the roadway. Passing in this zone was not a good idea. The reason for that is because;
  • The road curves down around a hill and narrows over a bridge. The road was a little wet, and I don’t know if the driver could see around me or not. Assuming not because of how close they came to oncoming traffic. If that’s the case, why put yourself at risk? Was it that important to pass a cyclist?
  • My favourite: The lead car of oncoming traffic was none other than a unit of the Peel Regional Police force (pause around 3-5 seconds to see for yourself) so I definitely want their opinion of this clip. 😉

One question I have is: Could this pass have been cited for dangerous driving? Drivers and cyclists (and Peel Police), what are your thoughts?