I recently had an awkward experience while dropping off my electronic and hazardous waste at the Brampton Recycling Centre, so much so that I wanted to share to get your opinions on it.

I approached the ramp to sort out my electronic waste, when a sign caught my eye that said that no bicycles or pedestrians are allowed up the ramp. Problem: I rode my bike to drop off my waste.

Fortunately, there was an understanding staff member who agreed to take my waste and sort it for me. But this was clearly an unusual situation for us both.

While I expect an argument could be made that this policy is for safety reasons, I have to ask this: If safety is a concern, why did I not see a sign that also bans motorcycles and e-bikes? These are also vehicles that leave their operators equally exposed, yet seem to be permitted.

The Recycling Centre in Brampton is the most comprehensive and convenient means of dropping off items that cannot be left for curb pickup. Yet it seems that there is an unfair bias to exclude cyclists or transit users from participating in drop-offs.Ā There is also a certain irony in the thought of requiring the private burning of gasoline to take part in a program that’s meant to help save the environment.

And I have to ask why? Does this situation reflect an antiquated policy, or an exclusivity that Ford Nation would be proud of which favours cars only?