I’m going to start thinking about things to write that are perhaps a little more valuable than my half-baked sounding rants.

After all, I’m a graphic designer! And a dad! Maybe I should be writing about THESE things!

Take this story as an example:

Tonight, we decided to settle in and watch a movie. I let the kids pick. 4YO daughter selected a typical princess-like movie, and 2YO son picks… Cars. The same one we already have, and he had just watched twice just today.

What to do? I go with it.

After bringing the movie(s) to the front desk, I asked the cashier to play along and pretend to scan the movie. *Beep!* he says. “Care for a bag sir?”

“Absolutely!” 2YO has a big grin at this point.

“Enjoy your movie…s”

And that was that.

That’s what kind of dad I am—The kind that quickly and unapologetically dupes his own 2 year old. Suddenly I feel like tracking down some candy.