2022: Resolution

For the last few years, I’ve held the notion that if you don’t agree to set any New Years Resolution, you’ll never be disappointed with yourself.

But if I’m totally honest, I kind of am disappointed with myself.

Not that I could have done anything differently in 2021. I’m still adjusting as best as I can from the loss of my son Toby.  But I’ve also noticed that as I protect myself from feeling overwhelmed from the PTSD associated with this loss, I’ve also separated myself from people and causes I care about.

As I feel and see winter melting away, welcoming a new Spring, the resolution I’ve made for myself is to try to participate again in things that bring me joy, and to try to allow joy into my life again — with the guilt and grief that often comes with it.

I already know it’s not going to be easy. It’s also not always easy to say “no” to the things that aren’t particularly joyful. But there are a few things that stand out that I’d like to try focussing more on:

  • Exploring Web development and design thinking.
  • Engaging with my local cycling advocacy in Brampton again (BikeBrampton). They’re good people.
  • Developing non-partisan models and policy ideas that empower communities. (I’m trying to be very particular with this one, as advocacy can easily eat up a lot of personal time and isn’t always a joyful task).
  • Enjoying the journey of exploring interesting ideas — just like Toby used to do.

Automatically Generated WordPress Featured Images?

As I was writing my last post, there was a moment where I had to think about about what featured image I wanted to use. I didn’t really have one, so I just picked my profile picture. It worked, I guess, but I don’t think this is a sustainable approach. Ideally, I’d like to have a unique image for every post.

But this sounds like a lot of work, and I’m lazy. Perhaps WordPress can offer an assist?

I’m thinking of adding a feature to my theme to automatically generate a post image, save it to the Media library, and then append it to the post. I think all of the elements I need are already available:

  1. PHP can create image files, and upload them the WordPress upload location.
  2. The theme should be able to create an “attachment” post type with the image details.
  3. Then, upon successful upload, append the attachment ID to the post I’m authoring.

As far as the substance of the images themselves, I’m thinking it should be easy enough to retrieve a profile picture of the author, or the header image/colour from the theme, and put that into the image. The excerpt of the post can be used as a text overlay. Give it a nice trendy layout and, voila!

I’ll get to prototyping something when I can. Should be fun!