As Brampton continues to grow, managing traffic is going to be challenging. However, I believe it is manageable. Especially if we plan for it properly and think differently about how we contribute to, and how we can cut, traffic congestion.


The Brampton Strategic Plan has many great ideas to help manage traffic, including:


  1. Expanding transit on main corridors, including Züm
  2. Advocating for all-day GO Train service (Ontario Government)
  3. Encouraging higher density and mixed-use development on main corridors to make transit practical and appealing to more people
  4. Expanding and promoting opportunities for active transportation
  5. Creating streets and transportation networks that accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, transit and the mobility-impaired


These ideas directly target the problem of automotive congestion, by providing alternatives, and removing the need for using an automobile. Where added transportation capacity needed, I would advocate for investment in transit, especially the proposed LRT and extended GO Transit service, and in segregated cycling infrastructure. We can reduce or remove the need for automobiles altogether.