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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-27

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  • Achieved level 2 #140mafia #
  • I just assassinated a diplomat. #spymaster #
  • taking the kids to the park. #
  • The latest invention from my 5YO: The "Losing" metal. Bless her for trying… #
  • I'm afraid I have to let you go #spymaster. It was fun, but it's starting to feel repetitive. #
  • Happy father's day! #
  • Look out for loose garbage bags on eastbound Steeles @ Hwy. 27! #
  • RT @semlady: @torontomike: I love that Perez H uses his cellphone to tweet to ask his followers to call the police for him (@johncmayer) #
  • RT @Markzware: @rufusd reverse image search engine, hmm… pretty cool: and it works! Copycats out there beware! #
  • RT @smashingmag: A Detailed Photoshop Tutorial – Draw Fairy Tale Characters in Photoshop – (via @buysellads) #
  • Indian automakers aim at Detroit
    #carchat #
  • RT @TheBloggess: Wow. Even *I'm* a little offended. Nice work, Burger King. (via @guykawasaki) #
  • RT @cp24news: City of Toronto issues Extreme Heat Alert #
  • RT @lavardera: If you like color, this is just good fun: Color Palette Generator #
  • wow! My car is hot! #
  • Oooo, neat. It's clouding over pretty dark here in Woodbridge. #
  • Just had a power surge. …and boom goes the dynamite. #
  • Wow, what a crazy day in Hollywood! #
  • RT @acroll: The next time someone annoys me I plan to make them feel like this. #
  • Simplicity is not always the answer: #

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