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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

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  • Verdict of T4: Lots of easter eggs for Terminator fans. Want to learn more about John Conner! Hopefully sequels will deliver. #
  • Not sure where Monday went, so… happy Tuesday? #
  • listening to “Metric – Gimme Sympathy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO :: WIDESCREEN]” ♫ #
  • “Danger Sign Win” – #lol #ichc #
  • It’s Wednesday? Huh. Snuck right up on me. #
  • Good night everyone! #
  • pushing my computer to the edge. Lots to get done today! #
  • #lastfm #love I Remember (Original Vocal Mix) by Deadmau5 & Kaskade #
  • Hold on to your fillings: There’s a downed hydro line on Steeles and Hwy 27. #
  • Illustrator and Firefox aren’t playing nice. Switching to Safari. #
  • Illustrator. You seem to be needing something. Name it and it’s yours, just get back to work! #
  • illustrator does not play nicely with others. Fail. #
  • Wait, hold on a sec… It’s Friday? #
  • got into the anniversary champagne tonight. Delicious! #

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