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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-09

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  • Busy day. Got my virtualization setup running, got myself a haircut, almost ready to launch my new blog theme. Exciting! #
  • is looking forward to HIS turn to see the Wolverine movie. #
  • We’ve got a 5 year old that wants to rock out. 🙂 ♫ #
  • is at work early because Emily needed the car. #
  • Place your bets: Think the leak in the trunk of my Echo is fixed yet? #
  • RT @boagworld: ‘May the Fourth’ be with you. Happy Star Wars Day! #starwarsday #
  • is scanning pictures of when the Echo was wrecked in February. #
  • Monday’s just aren’t the same with Heroes. Come back soon Sylar! #
  • Enjoy your 5th mayo everyone. Try to at least have a burger with that. #
  • Wow. My phone just went nuts with Twitter messages! #
  • There’s only one way to get anything done. ♫ #
  • A catchy way to start the day. ♫ #
  • loves how the ideas start to flow when I get into a solid design project. #
  • got the echo back! #
  • bought a Dodge Calibre tonight! #carchat #
  • G’night everyone! #
  • RT @michaelbanovsky: Goldeneye is the best Bond movie. It also spawned the best video game. #
  • finds it funny to exaggerate “rrr” on Dodge Caliberrrrrrrrr… rrr… #
  • I have no idea why, but I found myself thinking about Team America: World Police this morning. *LOL* ♫ #
  • Happy Friday everyone! #
  • on days like today, I love being a graphic designer! Lots of cool stuff being done. #
  • Ooo… *shivers* I think the office A/C just kicked in. #
  • A song for when you’ve run out of coffee? ♫ #
  • Have a great weekend everyone! #
  • has drank lots, and hates monopoly. #
  • has been given water for that last tweet. Fail? #
  • i think crazy 8s would have been easier to play… #
  • Brutal! RT @semlady: NYT website erases reporters’ career with them – unprofessional behaviour IMHO @mattcutts #

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