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Periodically, I like to revise my list of web safe fonts. I know that these lists exist all over the internet, but I like to keep my own records to reflect my own expectations.

These results check against operating system font installations for Mac OS X 10.3+ and Windows XP.

The web safe fonts are:

  1. Arial
  2. Arial Black
  3. Comic Sans MS
  4. Courier New
  5. Georgia
  6. Symbol (Interestingly, this is the only font result that isn’t also one of Microsoft’s Core fonts for the Web
  7. Times New Roman
  8. Trebuchet MS
  9. Webdings

2 response(s) to Web Safe Fonts

  1. hi Kevin

    I think Palentino is web safe too (or maybe web safe-ish) and Century Gothic is on many computers now too. They are nice, underused alternatives.

    • I’m not sure I agree with that… Strictly speaking, those fonts are not installed on “modern” operating systems. I think Century Gothic is quite common in Microsoft Office, as is possibly Palatino, but suppose a visitor does not use Microsoft Office?

      Of course, if you anticipate your target audience to have Palatino or Century Gothic, there’s no harm in putting them high in your CSS font stack.

      Your thoughts?

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